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Coming home to yourself

„Because water always takes the line of least resistance, water is very soft and yet one of the strongest things in the world. This idea then is the strength of gentleness…“

-Alan Watts

Going gently only one step at a time.
There’s no need to hurry.
There’s no need to reach a destination.
All is flow.
You are flow.
You are flowing with time.

Everything is a moment in the flow of life.
Just there and then a moment of the past in a blink of an eye.
There’s only learning, getting experiences while you’re going with the flow.
Every experience flows through every cell of your body in endless time.

There’s no need for pressure.
Flow like water around every rock, every stone.
Leave the past behind.
Flow with the expression of your life.

Your mind is making things hard.
Stopping you from going with the flow.
Flow gently like water, like the waves of the ocean, one step at a time.

Your flow is your reconnection to the soul.
It is your merging of the present moment with the future.
Have no fear that you could get lost in the ocean.
It’s your strength, your gentle heart that leads you with courage into the flow of life, into the coming home to yourself.

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