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One step away from the norm, forward to a joyful life

How can I make life feel a bit easier?

That was my journal entry this morning.
Daily life and work demands feel more and more heavier at the moment, tiredness kicks in and there’s hardly any energy left for something I enjoy doing.

I know that I make it extra hard through my overactive mind and overthinking, trying to fulfill all the expectations that I have set for myself and then there is this constant need to create the illusion of control and figure things out.

What would make life feel a bit more serene and joyful?

Because that is what my body, mind and soul is craving for.
Not setting another goal, not following the latest advice for improvement or success, not trying to fit into a group or norm that isn’t in alignment with my heart.

I know that’s easier said than done because the need for belonging to a community, for connection is strong.
Our brain experiences a threat when we feel expelled from society, it’s a matter of survival for our mind.

But what if these norms and peer pressure are the root of experiencing anxiety and stress?

What if slowing down and doing things differently, in a way your heart is guiding you to do, is a rebellious act, an act of coming to life again?
When you finally make space to breathe, to let fresh air in, not only into your lungs but also into your mind, a kind of decluttering of your thoughts, fresh energy for reconnecting to your own values and standards.

What if going at your own pace and feeling again what’s going on in your body, mind and soul is a way of healing and at the same time bringing more ease into your life?

Can you take this one tiny step, slow down and check in with yourself for a minute?
A minute to breathe slowly.
There’s nothing to do, only to feel and observe.

Can you feel this little spark of joy coming up?
The joy of being, of being alive?

And then there’s suddenly this spark of inspiration and you know what your next step is.
A step that is guided by your heart, away from the norm, forward to a joyful life in alignment with your true self.

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