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    Connecting to nature is connecting to your inner world of magic

    On the last day of April I went on a walk through the forest.It has been such a wonderful day, the first warm sun rays, the fresh green leaves, the daisies and dandelions in the meadows. On my walk I recognised how stressed I’ve felt the last couple of weeks and that I’ve disconnected myself from my body and heart. With every step in nature I could slow down, calm my mind and stop my restless thoughts.I could empty my mind and let go of my thoughts as if they were flying away with the butterflies which crossed my path. I observed the butterflies, how they flew from flower to…

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    One step away from the norm, forward to a joyful life

    How can I make life feel a bit easier? That was my journal entry this morning.Daily life and work demands feel more and more heavier at the moment, tiredness kicks in and there’s hardly any energy left for something I enjoy doing. I know that I make it extra hard through my overactive mind and overthinking, trying to fulfill all the expectations that I have set for myself and then there is this constant need to create the illusion of control and figure things out. What would make life feel a bit more serene and joyful? Because that is what my body, mind and soul is craving for.Not setting another…

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    A still mind has no fear

    Fears are produced by a restless mind, when you’re worrying about what the future might bring, when you’re dwelling on negative experiences of the past.You’re getting a fearful outlook on life when you compare past failures and stressful experiences with a possible outcome in the future.Fears are a product of your mind, of thoughts that are racing from past issues directly to the imagination of the future without stopping in the here and now. You become scared, worried, stressed, your body starts to reflect those thoughts: sleepless nights, a racing heart, gut issues, the feeling of a knot in your chest and stomach… When negative thoughts of an unpredictable future…

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    When self-improvement becomes toxic

    or what swimming in the ocean taught me about enoughness “I feel tired and overwhelmed.  I love learning and personal development, going on this path brought me so much healing but what if it makes you feel stressed?  Will there ever be a state when it’s enough?  A pause from the urge to constantly improve something?…” When I reread this journal entry I can feel the self-induced stress and pressure I put on myself so often. I wonder what the hidden theme is in my subconscious that pushes me so hard, this feeling of not being enough. Is it the missing acknowledgment of what I have already done,achieved, the healing…

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    The art of life

    Sunday thoughts on rest and productivity It’s one of these Sundays when I feel so tired and leaking energy. Although it’s Easter and I have a few days off from work, I didn’t put the time and energy into my other projects I want to create on the side. I often feel the urge in my free time to make use of it as much as possible, to get these heart’s projects like I call them started and move them forward. But as soon as the weekend arrives I feel exhausted and running out of energy to work on these projects. What would I tell a friend when asked what…

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    The beauty of doing nothing

    You probably know these days when you get home, so tired after an exhausting work day. Everything feels too much: cooking for dinner, there are corners in your room with things you wanted to sort out a long time ago, there are messages and emails you haven’t responded to yet.But you feel so tired, depleted and a little bit sad. ‚Where’s my time going?The weather was so beautiful the whole day and I couldn’t make use of it.There are all these things I would love to do but now there’s no energy left to do any of them.Why does everyone else get so much done throughout their days?’ There’s nothing…

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