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    Connecting to nature is connecting to your inner world of magic

    On the last day of April I went on a walk through the forest.It has been such a wonderful day, the first warm sun rays, the fresh green leaves, the daisies and dandelions in the meadows. On my walk I recognised how stressed I’ve felt the last couple of weeks and that I’ve disconnected myself from my body and heart. With every step in nature I could slow down, calm my mind and stop my restless thoughts.I could empty my mind and let go of my thoughts as if they were flying away with the butterflies which crossed my path. I observed the butterflies, how they flew from flower to…

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    A way to the ocean

    “Roads were made for journeys not destinations” ― Confucius A way can be narrow, long winding and nevertheless the right way to go.Twists and turns bring in different directions, a light that shines through the hedge of doubts. A way gone with all your courage is never lost, always meaningful in your presence.Even if you can’t see the next step, there’s no looking back because magic is waiting around the corner. You walk further although the blue vastness is out of sight.Your heart knows anyway, where to go, where to stop, where to leave the known. A way opens up for you when you follow the courage of your true…

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    A walk through the moor

    I went on a walk through a moor today and I was totally hooked by this landscape. It reminded me of my childhood when I dived into magical stories of fairies, gnomes, ghosts, wizards and witches. This landscape took me on a memory lane, a time when I roamed through the woods, imagining myself into adventure stories where I had to handle difficult tasks like all the courageous heroes in my stories did. The moor gave me an impression of a forgotten place, a landscape of loneliness, harshness and tenacity. But when you have a closer look you see the moss that paints the ground with a green of hope.…

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    The beauty of the first step

    It’s exciting to take the first step into a new adventure but at the same time a lot of worries and doubts can come up. It’s new, mesmerizing like taking a deep breath of fresh air.  It allures us into a new sense of being, a liberation from the old that has kept us stuck. The first step feels like a departure into a new life. How can we stay in this open and inspirational state longer, beyond the beginning? How can we walk our way at a slower pace and still stay connected to this feeling of freedom and possibilities? Our mind wants to keep us small, pushing us…

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    Start where you are

    Start where you are because this place has meaning.Your past has brought you there, all these wins and losses, all the healing, growing and scars.There’s no rushing to this point because you needed every detour, every step of the journey to become the person you now are.It’s like getting equipped with special tools that allow you to go further on your journey, to the destination you are meant to go. This place in the distance is calling you.You feel attracted by it, although you can’t even say why.You pack your rucksack, get all your learnings and memories in, and you leave all the limiting thoughts, all that’s wearing you down…

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    Dance with the flow

    “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” Alan Wilson Watts Change can be scary because we fear the unknown, starting from scratch, letting go of things we used to create memories with. Change is always chaotic and destructive so that something new can be built, like the tide that washes over the shore and leaves a blank canvas to paint a new future into the sand. To plunge into change is the first gasp you make when the cold water washes over you, when you emerge in the here and now.  The past is gone and…

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