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Dance with the flow

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Alan Wilson Watts

Change can be scary because we fear the unknown, starting from scratch, letting go of things we used to create memories with.

Change is always chaotic and destructive so that something new can be built, like the tide that washes over the shore and leaves a blank canvas to paint a new future into the sand.

To plunge into change is the first gasp you make when the cold water washes over you, when you emerge in the here and now. 

The past is gone and you begin to swim very slowly with the flow of the waves.

You don’t know which direction you should go. 

There’s no lead to follow, you follow your own way. 

It’s like following the sun, flying over the waves because you’re listening to your heart as if it’s for the first time.

You move with your heart’s waves to new horizons that you have always dreamed of.

Why is it so hard to leave the shore, to swim in areas where your feet can’t touch the shore anymore?

The shoreline becomes more and more out of sight, surrendering to the present moment, to the breath, the flow of the up and down of the waves, to the flow of the tides.

You can’t swim against the current but you take advantage of the flow. 

You let yourself be carried to the other shore, you dance with the flow of change. 

Suddenly all your worries are gone because you dance with the ebb and flow of the waves.

The other shore is waiting for you, waiting for new footprints in the sand, for a new dance with the flow, with the waves of your heart.

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