Welcome to the magic of slow living

Hi, I’m Sandra 

and I’m glad that you found your way to this site. I would love to take you on a journey that feels like a timeout by the ocean, a deep breath in the beauty of nature, a time to pause and reflect, to recharge and going on a journey through life that honors your cycles and nature, a journey at your own pace where you can explore and go on adventures, where you can let go of your worries and feel alive again.

In a world of hustle and pressure it is so important that we reconnect to our body, mind and soul and learn to listen to our heart again and reconnect to nature and our true Self.

It’s so easy to forget the importance of slowing down and living in the present moment, finding peace and joy in our daily life. Let’s take the time to pause and tune in, connect to the beauty that surrounds us, and discover the preciousness you hold within simply by being alive on this wonderful earth.

The beginning of the the journey

Slow living is allowing yourself to grow and evolve at your own pace.
It’s going with the flow of life.
Reconnecting to the beauty within.
Stepping into a new beginning, into the ocean of your life.
The rebirth of a life from your heart.

Time for freedom and joy

Slow living is reconnecting to the cycles of nature.
Reconnecting to all radiant colours of your being.
Discovering endless possibilities in the ocean of your life.
Feel the freedom of surfing your waves, of a new sense of home and belonging.
Step into your garden of bliss and joy.

Exploring your way

Slow living is learning to trust and let go.
It is exploring your own way of life.
It is finding peace and silence through listening to your heart.
It is going on a journey to new horizons, to flow with the magic of transformation.
It is being curious where life will take you.
It is a journey to precious moments.

The journey of the heart

Slow living is taking the time to rest and recharge.
It’s taking the time to grow.
It’s a journey to the bliss and courage of your heart.
It’s being in moments of inner peace.
It’s being grateful for your precious life.
Slow living is following your heart.

Welcome home, welcome to the magic of slow living

So grateful that you are here

Lots of love

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