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Roots of life

Spread your roots into the ground.
Let the earth hold you, nourish your heart and soul.

Spread your wings like branches that reach for the sky.
Grow them from your inner strength.
A trunk that can’t be pushed away by storms of life.

Every branch grows leaves of possibilities.
Leaves that spread comfort under their green roof.
Leaves that breath in every pain to transform it into hope and new beginnings.

Let go of them when the time has come, the end of a cycle.
You can grow them anew from the roots into the sky.

Let the sun help you surrendering into trust.
Trust into abundance that you can always create from your roots.
Blossoms, leaves, acorns, all that carries every possibilities of life.

Spread the love of your heart.
Let it grow and reach for the sky.
Because you trust your roots and wings of life.

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