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This is a time of healing, a process of going inward and listening, listening to your body that has endured so much to keep you safe and alive.

The last few months have been a time of transformation, growing, healing and learning to trust again.

To trust my body and soul, to trust that the tide will come back and take me to the open sea again, to new horizons, to places where my heart belongs…….

I’m slowly emerging from this phase where nothing seems to make sense, a time of letting go, of learning to be okay with not moving forward.

Sometimes life seems to stand still, hibernating, making you feel lonely and lost, but it’s all part of the healing process.

It’s taking in the energy, the salty air even if the ocean seems so far away, but the ocean is within you, it has been all time along.

It’s the time of the tides, the tides you have no control over, the tides that come like the seasons.

The tide will come back and send you on a new journey, the rebirth of the new you, even more aligned and connected to your heart and soul.

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