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A letter to the younger Self – Life has your back

Dear younger Self,

This is for you who have gone through so much.

I know you always felt like an outsider, that you don’t fit, left alone and forgotten, not seen and understood.

You felt always responsible for everything and everyone but you couldn’t make it right anyway, you didn’t get the love you were so hoping for, although you put so much effort in fulfilling the expectations of others. 

And so you put on even more responsibilities, silenced yourself, swallowed it all down and tried to get on with life and please everyone you hoped was going to love you back.

Even if you can’t believe that life sees all the love you put into every task you did, every heavy burden you put on your small shoulders, every bold step you took to get up after you fell, there’s hope for you to come.

I know you have lived in fear and worry for such a long time, a time of feeling not being good enough, that your dream for a better life isn’t meant for you.

You experience a constant fear that the past will repeat itself, so that you have lost any hope that a better life is waiting for you, a life full of connection to the heart and joy for life.

There is a way of healing, of breaking the shackles of the past, of reconnecting to your heart’s power and your inner wisdom. 

It’s a journey where you will rise from the ashes, creating a place where you feel seen and understood, a place that feels like coming home.

There is a way to experience love and joy, a lightness that soothes your worries and mends your broken heart.

You only need to trust one more time, trust that life has your back, that there’s a new life for you on the horizon.

You only need to trust one more time in the first step into the ocean and that the waves will carry you to the other shore.

You only have to find the spark of courage to follow the guidance of your heart.

Your heart that will guide you on your journey to healing, freedom and joy because you trusted your heart one more time, because your heart knows that life has your back, always.

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