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    One step away from the norm, forward to a joyful life

    How can I make life feel a bit easier? That was my journal entry this morning.Daily life and work demands feel more and more heavier at the moment, tiredness kicks in and there’s hardly any energy left for something I enjoy doing. I know that I make it extra hard through my overactive mind and overthinking, trying to fulfill all the expectations that I have set for myself and then there is this constant need to create the illusion of control and figure things out. What would make life feel a bit more serene and joyful? Because that is what my body, mind and soul is craving for.Not setting another…

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    A letter to the younger Self – Life has your back

    Dear younger Self, This is for you who have gone through so much. I know you always felt like an outsider, that you don’t fit, left alone and forgotten, not seen and understood. You felt always responsible for everything and everyone but you couldn’t make it right anyway, you didn’t get the love you were so hoping for, although you put so much effort in fulfilling the expectations of others.  And so you put on even more responsibilities, silenced yourself, swallowed it all down and tried to get on with life and please everyone you hoped was going to love you back. Even if you can’t believe that life sees…

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    What is most important to you in your life?

    Sometimes it feels as if the days run by. You go through your day more or less on autopilot, through your daily tasks that you have learned to fulfill a long time ago. You don’t question them. Everything is deeply rooted in your subconscious mind. In the modern world so much is scheduled into calendars, meetings, workflows, the latest productivity hacks, tips and tricks on how to get even more done are all over the place. Do we even know why we want to check all these things from our to-do-lists?  Why do they make it even on these lists in the first place? I want to invite you to…

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