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Ways of courage

Ways never take you in the right direction.

They are created while you go.

Ways never take you to the horizon.

You will get there with every step you take.

Ways never lie in front of you.

They will appear when you go on the journey.

Ways never are right or wrong.

They are simply a creation of your heart.

Why do you struggle so much to find a way?

Why do you fear taking the first step?

Why don’t you see freedom, the horizon over the endless blue ocean?

Which way do you want to create?

A way to the ocean is never created by the fear from the past.

A way to the ocean is letting go of expectations.

Just listen to the birds in the sky.

A way to the ocean will find you.

Follow the call of the birds.

Go your first step to freedom.

Follow the leaves swirling in the wind.

There’s nothing more you need to know.

Look up to the sky and feel the vastness.

Your fears stay on the ground, your heart takes flight.

Feel the way appearing inside.

A way where you can feel the sound of the waves.

With every step you go you can smell the salty air of freedom.

Whit every step a landscape of abundance is in sight.

With every step your heart knows what way you want to find.

With every step of courage and love you are on the way to the ocean.

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