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Connecting to nature is connecting to your inner world of magic

On the last day of April I went on a walk through the forest.
It has been such a wonderful day, the first warm sun rays, the fresh green leaves, the daisies and dandelions in the meadows.

On my walk I recognised how stressed I’ve felt the last couple of weeks and that I’ve disconnected myself from my body and heart.

With every step in nature I could slow down, calm my mind and stop my restless thoughts.
I could empty my mind and let go of my thoughts as if they were flying away with the butterflies which crossed my path.

I observed the butterflies, how they flew from flower to flower, all these different shapes and colours.
They’re just there and a few seconds later on to another destination.
Where did they come from?
Where will they go?

Further on the path I reached a clearing.
The moss under the trees, the clover shimmering in the light seem so vulnerable and soft.
The signs of hope and maybe also a guardian of secret places?
What can it hide under its green carpet, a place of comfort?

I walked further alongside a little stream.
Fresh spring water flowing like a promise of aliveness and joy.
From the source onto a journey of adventures to the ocean.
Let me refresh my heart with those waters.

The stream meandering through the forest, nearly reaching the roots of an old tree.
This tree that can tell you stories from hundred years of travellers who passed by.
What have they seen, experienced and wished for?

I stopped and put my arms around its huge trunk, my ear on its bark.
And I started to listen to my beating heart.
Maybe the tree was asking me what stories I would tell when I dare to connect to the inner world of magic, to what I’ve experienced on my journey,
to the voice of nature that is the voice of my heart.

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