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    Real success is felt from within

    Leave the comparison trap and create your unique way of joy It’s easier more than ever to fall into the trap of comparison. On the internet you can always find someone who seems to have it all: more money, status, freedom, luck, happiness.Sometimes you can get the impression that this bigger, better, faster, more happens in a blink of an eye, with no effort.You just have to follow the newest trend, productivity hacks, the latest hipster network circle and courses.Just follow those guru advice and you will reach all your goals and success with working only for a four-hours-work week. I’m tired of this noise, of constantly trying to tweak…

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    The beauty of doing nothing

    You probably know these days when you get home, so tired after an exhausting work day. Everything feels too much: cooking for dinner, there are corners in your room with things you wanted to sort out a long time ago, there are messages and emails you haven’t responded to yet.But you feel so tired, depleted and a little bit sad. ‚Where’s my time going?The weather was so beautiful the whole day and I couldn’t make use of it.There are all these things I would love to do but now there’s no energy left to do any of them.Why does everyone else get so much done throughout their days?’ There’s nothing…

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