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The beauty of doing nothing

You probably know these days when you get home, so tired after an exhausting work day. Everything feels too much: cooking for dinner, there are corners in your room with things you wanted to sort out a long time ago, there are messages and emails you haven’t responded to yet.
But you feel so tired, depleted and a little bit sad.

‚Where’s my time going?
The weather was so beautiful the whole day and I couldn’t make use of it.
There are all these things I would love to do but now there’s no energy left to do any of them.
Why does everyone else get so much done throughout their days?’

There’s nothing wrong with you. Don’t feel like you are an unproductive person or messed everything up. It’s ok to have a different energy level and stress resilience. Everyone is different and needs to manage their energy levels in a way that fits uniquely to them.

I would love to invite you to rest, to take a nice cup of tea and allow yourself to just sit down.
Sit down and look out of the window. Just observe what’s going on outside.

What can you see: maybe trees, flowers, the sky and clouds, people walking outside?
Just observe without judging anything?

Can you feel how your mind calms down, how the rustling leaves and the different colours soothe your soul?
Can you sense how your breath moves through your body, the warm cup of tea in your hand, the taste of it?

Can you feel the beauty of this moment, that the past and future become irrelevant for a while, a spark of joy in your heart because you realize how great it is to be here, in this moment?
Can you feel the gratitude of being alive without doing something for it?

It’s pure love, love from life itself, unconditionally.
It’s the beauty of being, of being you just the way you are.

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