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Real success is felt from within

Leave the comparison trap and create your unique way of joy

It’s easier more than ever to fall into the trap of comparison. On the internet you can always find someone who seems to have it all: more money, status, freedom, luck, happiness.
Sometimes you can get the impression that this bigger, better, faster, more happens in a blink of an eye, with no effort.
You just have to follow the newest trend, productivity hacks, the latest hipster network circle and courses.
Just follow those guru advice and you will reach all your goals and success with working only for a four-hours-work week.

I’m tired of this noise, of constantly trying to tweak something in my life, of exhausting myself in reaching a success that society and its norms is telling me to achieve and live by.
I’m tired of going after the carrot like a trained donkey, running faster and faster to reach something that is only made up by a bubble I’ve fallen for.
A bubble that is living through comparison, through offering a reward sometime in the future only if you follow their rules.
A bubble that judges and creates a feeling of entitlement, of „you are in“ and „you are out“.

When you can relate to this, to a nagging feeling that success might not be meant for you, that you’re falling behind or not strong and skilled enough, I’d love to offer a different perspective to you.

What if success is measured by how you follow and live your own values, your guidance from the heart, your unique talents, your gifts that bring joy and fulfillment into your life?
Then YOUR measurement would be how you feel about yourself and your life.

Is your life reflecting your core values, what is important to you in your life?
Are you driven by a sense of purpose, a „Why” ?
Can you bring a sense of bliss and contentment into the present moment, a gratitude for what you have and not postponing your life, waiting for a „better“ future to come?

What if your life is already successful because you created beautiful memories with your friends and families, because you dared to follow something that excites you and brings you joy no matter what others think of it?
What if you are a success because you create this community project, go to an art class, have a wonderful time in nature just because you follow the joy of your heart?

What if success is never found in the outside world but only in your inner sanctuary, a place where there’s no comparison, no doing because you are told?

What if success is only felt from within, the bottom of your heart, from a guidance that is unique to you and can only be experienced through your joy for life?

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