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A way to the ocean

“Roads were made for journeys not destinations”

― Confucius

A way can be narrow, long winding and nevertheless the right way to go.
Twists and turns bring in different directions, a light that shines through the hedge of doubts.

A way gone with all your courage is never lost, always meaningful in your presence.
Even if you can’t see the next step, there’s no looking back because magic is waiting around the corner.

You walk further although the blue vastness is out of sight.
Your heart knows anyway, where to go, where to stop, where to leave the known.

A way opens up for you when you follow the courage of your true being.
A way opens up to the joy and love of your heart.

Every step that leaves your fears behind is part of your unique journey.
No one can walk this way for you, you have to follow it by listening to magic, the magic of your soul.

There is a way without borders, with a horizon as far as your soul can reach.
There is a way without an ending, an endless blue ocean that is waiting for you and your magical life.

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