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Disconnecting from fear-mongering and getting clarity in nature

Have you ever thought about how you can get clarity on a situation when you tend to overthink things?

When you have a restless mind, often find yourself in negative thoughts and worst case scenarios?

How can you calm your mind and get answers to a problem or clarity on your next steps instead?

In our stressful world there’s a huge need for calmness and reconnection to the body, to feelings and emotions, a need for an awareness of what’s going on and running the show in your mind.

The first necessary step is to disconnect from everything that stresses and feeds your mind with worries and anxiety inducing thoughts: the news, social media, people that make you feel bad, loud and hectic places…

You need a place to breathe, a place where you feel safe, comforted, where you can calm down.

You need connection to someone or something that makes you feel at home, a sense of belonging, a feeling that you can be who you truly are.

I can recalibrate myself and my restless mind when I connect to nature.

When I swim in the sea, when I take a walk in the forest.

It’s the movement of my body and engaging all my senses that brings me at once into the present moment. My mind has a chance to become still.

It’s the mind-body-connection in a calm and healing environment that not only lets me see things from a different perspective but also makes it obvious what really matters in life.

Because these ongoing thoughts I often have in my daily life are scenarios my mind makes up, thoughts that probably will never happen or will become very unimportant in a time perspective of a few years.

Nature is such a good example of getting on with life, of the cycles of rebirth and transformation. Nothing stands still and changes anyway.

In nature I can reconnect to my feelings again, to what lies beyond these harmful thoughts. I can connect to where my heart wants me to go and I literally go with this connection in nature.

Suddenly there’s a clear thought, a solution, an answer and I know my next steps.

I have my clarity, born from a connection to my inner wisdom, processed with the healing energy of nature, only through that without the fear mongering of our stressful society we live in.

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