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A walk through the moor

I went on a walk through a moor today and I was totally hooked by this landscape.

It reminded me of my childhood when I dived into magical stories of fairies, gnomes, ghosts, wizards and witches.

This landscape took me on a memory lane, a time when I roamed through the woods, imagining myself into adventure stories where I had to handle difficult tasks like all the courageous heroes in my stories did.

The moor gave me an impression of a forgotten place, a landscape of loneliness, harshness and tenacity.

But when you have a closer look you see the moss that paints the ground with a green of hope.

The waterways and swamps are like veins letting the mud flow out of the soil, a clearing of the ground.

The moor seems to breathe in the rain and let the plants rest into its earth. It breathes out the transformation of the wood, a humid smell of moss and birch bark.

All this happens in such a peace and silence.

The moor rests into its process of transformation.

You walk on smooth ground like a carpet woven from feathers, you wander through a labyrinth of mossy trunks, step over fallen trees besides enchanted puddles.

There are no paths, only those that are carved into the earth by deers.

You become part of nature.

You can hear the stillness, truly listening to silence.

You walk through a space that was formed a long time ago, slowly transformed into this secret place.

What can this moor teach you?

That great things take time?

That there is hope in loneliness?

That you can find aliveness in even the harshest and deserted places?

That tenacity and the courage to keep going no matter what will always win?

Maybe the walk through this moor teaches me that nothing is lost. 

There’s only transformation, being part of the cycle of life.

There’s beauty and comfort in shedding the old and knowing that something new will arise.

You need courage to bring forth the first green sprouts when everything seems lost but you have this strength already with you: 

The courage to rest into silence and truly listen within, the inner wisdom from the heart that love and life will always win.

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