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The crack and the light

“There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.”
― Leonard Cohen

There’s a crack in the sky.
Pushing the clouds aside.
A crack in the night
To let dawn rise.
A crack that lets in the light on the horizon.

There’s a crack in the wall.
Every stone contains the hard work of years.
The pain of lost dreams.
The restlessness of the mind.
A crack that gives back joy beyond the narrow darkness.

There’s a crack in time.
Everything seems to stand still.
A pause that soothes all worries.
A crack that lets in inner peace and knowing.

Every crack in your sky lets light in for new horizons.
A light of hope.

Every crack in all your walls that you’ve built opens your heart.
Opens your life for the light on the way to your dreams

Every crack in your life lets the light of love in.
To comfort your sorrow.
To illuminate your scars so that you can shine your light into the world.
A light that rises from the ashes.
A phoenix from the heart.

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