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How to turn Monday blues into a buttered-side-up day

You probably know these days when you’re frustrated and sad that your weekend has gone by so quickly.
Maybe you had to do tasks from the week which you had to postpone and therefore there wasn’t so much time to relax or for doing something nice on the weekend.
Maybe your job really stresses you and you think of quitting but you don’t, because it is what brings butter and bread on the table.
You feel that your heart has been elsewhere for a long time.

You dream of something that makes you feel fulfilled, that excites you and you love doing.
You dream of Mondays you love to wake up to.
You dream that you’re eager to start your week and projects.

But the reality looks different.
You want to pull the blanket over your head when the alarm clock goes off.
You are concerned about what to expect at work, you’re frustrated and sad that your life doesn’t look like how you’ve imagined it in your day dreams.

Changing your life and career don’t come easy.
Change isn’t easy and I haven’t found the answers to this problem for myself either, but I stumbled upon two little mindset shifts today that can turn your day around, that gets your day into a buttered-side-up day.

As a little side note:
When I find myself in this frustration many other things tend to go wrong.
Your bread falls out of your hand, buttered side down.
You may get little injuries because you bumped into a door or something gets broken because it drops out of your hand.

Frustration leads to carelessness.
You don’t pay attention to the little good things in your life.
Worries and sadness start to overwhelm you, stress you and you’re only rushing through your day.

So, how to get rid of your Monday blues?

  1. Take a deep breath and set yourself the intention to observe

This is actually becoming mindful of what is going on in your environment.
Is everything really so bad?
Or what is about the smile or joke your colleague made?
What about someone who asked you if you need a helping hand?
The nice clients who showed their appreciation and gratitude for your work?
The beautiful flowers that blossom in the park?

  1. Mix up your routine and do or learn something new

Maybe you could drive on a different way to your work or walk or cycle instead.
Or you try out a new recipe for dinner.
Look forward to reading the book in the evening that’s on your bookshelf for so long.
Go to a class or watch an online tutorial about something you wanted to learn for such a long time, maybe it could be something related to your dream life and work you wish to create.

P.S.: I’ll use the photo above as a background to draw something in, maybe another fish or a crab.
Being creative is always something that gets me out of the blues and as an extra bonus, I’d love to learn to draw and paint, too.

Maybe Mondays aren’t that bad as I thought and my bread stopped falling out of my hand either or at least I got the buttered side up.

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