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A still mind has no fear

Fears are produced by a restless mind, when you’re worrying about what the future might bring, when you’re dwelling on negative experiences of the past.
You’re getting a fearful outlook on life when you compare past failures and stressful experiences with a possible outcome in the future.
Fears are a product of your mind, of thoughts that are racing from past issues directly to the imagination of the future without stopping in the here and now.

You become scared, worried, stressed, your body starts to reflect those thoughts: sleepless nights, a racing heart, gut issues, the feeling of a knot in your chest and stomach…

When negative thoughts of an unpredictable future and worst case scenarios cause these symptoms, wouldn’t it be possible to create a hopeful and optimistic view instead, when you redirect and control your mind, turn your thoughts around to a more positive outcome?

The ability to slow down, to observe your thoughts and to silence your mind is a skill that’s so needed in our modern world.
We are constantly exposed to fear-inducing news, media and stressful workloads with deadlines and full packed to-do-lists.

To be able to build a protective wall around yourself, to not let your mind get infected by negativity and fear, to be able to stay away from news that are constantly grabbing your attention is so important.
Your ability to be still, to keep your mind clear from thinking thoughts that affect your mental and physical health is not only a skill but also a currency nowadays.

A still mind calms your stressed nervous system, it brings healing to your body and creates inner peace within yourself.
A still mind has no room for fears but for joyful, encouraging and creative thoughts instead.
A still mind will show you solutions and will encourage you to follow your joy.
A still mind lets your heart take the lead.

When you’re guided by your heart, you will find the courage to believe in a better future, a courage that can let go of the past, a courage that helps you to leave your known tracks and go on a new journey.

Defend your peace of mind at all costs.
It is your entry into a future full of possibilities.
This future can only be accessed by becoming connected to the present moment.

Find your silence within, still your mind and you’ll tap into a future where you can overcome any obstacle.
A still mind has no fear, not because fears don’t exist for you anymore but because you make them a product of your past, because you lead your mind by the courage of your heart.

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