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Hidden places

The estuary meanders far inland, flowing into the land to let the strict boundary between land and sea disappear.
You can find boats berthing on the seabed, waiting for the next tide to come.

Time flows with the sea.
Every moment gives birth to a new landscape.
There’s no hurry, only waiting for the right wave, a tide that reaches for the boundary of the land.

You can walk along with the tides, meandering through forgotten places,
waiting for what the next ebb reveals, resting on the bed that is made by the sea.

No one can reach you here, it’s a place and time you can enjoy all by yourself.
You can listen to the pulse of the sea in sync with your beating heart in a place where all boundaries are vanishing, where all limits get lost.

The more you walk along the shoreline, the more you flow with the water, you discover hidden places that the ocean now reveals.
With every step you go you become part of an infinite freedom.

The hidden places, places of inner peace and protection meander through your heart.
They reach for your soul and want to liberate you from every boundary within.

Wait no more, the next tide is coming and will take you to hidden places of freedom that are with you the whole time.

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