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Spring is a reminder to grow into your heart’s joy

It’s sunny outside and I watch how the daffodils swing their bell-like heads in the light breeze.

The first bumblebees of the year fly from one dandelion blossom to the next. 

Birds are singing with the rhythm of the cracking candle of the teapot warmer.

I can feel the warm cup in my hand and the smell of the spring air eases my mind.

There’s nothing to worry about.

Nature awakens in full force.

Nature doesn’t worry about the next steps, about an unknown future.

Nature goes with the flow and its cycles.

There’s no rushing in growth and transformation, only one step at a time.

There’s dancing in the rain, facing the warmth of the sun, flying with the wind and grounding into the earth.

Nature reminds me that I’m always held by its wisdom, by its loving sanctuary, a place for the heart, a place of coming home to your true self.

Can I accept where I am exactly at this point in life?

Can I accept that there’s no time to bend, to try to force yourself into something that isn’t truly who you are?

Can I accept that I’m taken care of by a power that you can’t fully understand?

Spring is a reminder to see the world with fresh eyes, to step into the heart’s energy that is aligned with the cycle of nature.

Spring is a reminder to let your mind be still for a while to dance in the rain and let your heart fly.

Let it fly to the beauty it wants you to enjoy. 

Let it sing your song and rest in the caring hands of love.

Spring is a reminder to grow into your heart’s joy.

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