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Start where you are

Start where you are because this place has meaning.
Your past has brought you there, all these wins and losses, all the healing, growing and scars.
There’s no rushing to this point because you needed every detour, every step of the journey to become the person you now are.
It’s like getting equipped with special tools that allow you to go further on your journey, to the destination you are meant to go.

This place in the distance is calling you.
You feel attracted by it, although you can’t even say why.
You pack your rucksack, get all your learnings and memories in, and you leave all the limiting thoughts, all that’s wearing you down behind.
You let it all go and don’t look back.

You don’t compare your journey, your way and starting point with the journey of others.
You start where you are and don’t look back.
You have your gaze upon the horizon, a point that is mapped out by you and listening to your inner compass.
Your heart guides you to the next step, not further because it wants you to take it all in, every little detail along the way.

There’s beauty in going slowly on your path.
There’s courage in finding your path off the beaten tracks.
There’s joy in going on the adventure of your life’s journey.
There’s exploring your purpose while traveling to your heart’s destination.

Nobody can go this way for you.
It’s unique to you.
It’s your way to the next milestone.
There is no finite destination, no ending, only a new stop, a place to enjoy and gather your tools for your next journey.

And then you start again, led by your heart, starting exactly from where you are.
There’s no looking back, only going slow one step closer to your heart’s destination.

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