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The beauty of the first step

It’s exciting to take the first step into a new adventure but at the same time a lot of worries and doubts can come up.

It’s new, mesmerizing like taking a deep breath of fresh air. 

It allures us into a new sense of being, a liberation from the old that has kept us stuck.

The first step feels like a departure into a new life.

How can we stay in this open and inspirational state longer, beyond the beginning?

How can we walk our way at a slower pace and still stay connected to this feeling of freedom and possibilities?

Our mind wants to keep us small, pushing us further and further, higher, bigger, faster, more. 

It tricks us into making up all kinds of worst case scenarios and upcoming obstacles on the way. 

Our mind doesn’t want us to feel carefree, adventurous, rebellious and alive in an environment that is one step out of our comfort zone.

How can we take the beauty of the first step with us on the journey, keep it in our heart? 

This beauty that lets us stop on the way to connect with all that surrounds us. 

The beauty of the present moment which includes every possibility, the freedom to choose, the joy of liberation and of an open heart.

There’s beauty in the first step because you need to take your time to place your foot on a never walked path.

You need to take your time to adjust, to be aware of your body, of the environment. 

The beauty lies in the presence of your being, an aliveness and expression of who you are because you leave a unique footprint on the ground, a first step that is guided by your heart.

The beauty of the first step is your courage to follow your heart and when you stay there, you will experience many first steps on your way.

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