Ways of reconnection – The ingredients of slow living

Reconnection is going slowly, becoming aware of your steps, of your path and of everything that surrounds you.

Reconnection is taking your time, time to be in the present moment and recognise how you feel, what you can sense in your body.

But where to start when you feel so stressed, always in a hurry as if something is constantly chasing you?

How to stop overthinking, the turmoil of the mind, the worries that make you feel depressed or let you run through your day with an endless to-do-list?

Take a deep breath, I’ll take you on a journey to the magic of slow living.

For the next 30 days, you’ll get insights, ideas and little moments of relaxation and peace to help you reconnect to your life, to your body, mind and heart.

These are the categories, the paths of slow living, the ways of reconnection I would love to walk with you:

  • Mindfulness: learning to sense and tune in with your body and mind, with nature and with what surrounds you

  • Gratitude: the power of being grateful for the preciousness of your life

  • Creativity: the magic of creating a life you love and that is in alignment with your heart and dreams

  • Journaling: learning to tap into the power of wisdom that is already within you

  • Nature: the life-force that will provide healing energy and connection

  • Simplicity: the strategies that will help you going your way at your own pace

  • Balance: finding balance between being and doing, between rest and action

  • Self-care: tools and skills that fit your personality helping you recharge and build resilience

  • Health: learning how slow living can improve your health and prevents chronic health issues

  • Adventure: why slow living is the bravest step you can take and why it takes you on the most adventurous journey of your life

  • Mindset: exploring ways to step into the courage of your heart and the courage to be different, the courage to go off the beaten paths

Welcome to the journey of slow living, to ways of reconnection

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